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30 Day Trial

What Happens Next?

After the call, we’ll invite you to our gym when a training session is on so you can see for yourself how we work and decide if you want to continue with a 30-day trial.

The trial comes with:

10 Small Group Training Sessions

Attend up to 10 sessions in 30 days to really get a taste of how this program works.

But we recommend going at least twice because that’s how long it usually takes for our members to notice a difference.


Our expert coaches (and your fellow members) are all here to guide, help, and support you every step of the way.

If you have questions or need help, all you have to do is ask us in person or via our Facebook group.

Unlimited TEAM Training Sessions

Join as many of these higher-intensity full-body strength training sessions as you want in 30 days.

Weekly Assessment

Each week, we’ll ask you to review our performance so we can keep improving the whole experience for you.

Body Composition Analysis

What you can measure, you can improve. This is why we take note of things like your body fat levels,  lean muscle mass and bone density before, during, and after your trial period.

Food Diary Review

We’ll ask you to keep a food diary during your first week, which we’ll review and make recommendations on during week two.

Don’t worry. We won’t make you suddenly switch to steamed chicken breast and veggies.

What we’ll do instead is recommend smaller, more manageable dietary changes to make the whole thing more sustainable.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be fit?
What if I have aches, pains or injuries?
What if I need to miss a few days within my trial?
What happens after my 30-day trial?
What happens if I register and change my mind?
Do I have to be fit?

No. Our members have all different levels of fitness and they’re all different ages too. Yes, you will see some super-fit people here, but they all started somewhere and would be more than happy to help you out on your first session. Your fitness goal is unique to you. Our trainers will fully assess your current level and personlise our appoarch to you, going at a pace which works for you.

What if I have aches, pains or injuries?

No problem. Many of our members come to us with injuries or life-related issues like joint, back pain or post-baby abs. Our experienced team tailor our approach to you to ultimately improve YOU. If we feel we need to refer you out to a leading practioner then this is also something we’ll do. Making sure you get the best all round care that you deserve.

What if I need to miss a few days within my trial?

Don’t worry. If something comes up or you’re away for a few days, let us know, and we’ll happily extend your trial period.

What happens after my 30-day trial?

We’d love you to stay with us, so we can work on your fitness goals together but we totally understand if you need to take a break or decide that Sweat-it is not right for you. If you change your mind in future, you’ll always be welcome back.

What happens if I register and change my mind?

You’ll get your money back. No hassle, no questions, no hard feelings. You know what’s right for you, we’re just here to help you achieve that. No pressure.

Client Testimonials

more than just a gym…. I’ve never looked forward to going to a gym as much as I enjoy sweat it. Tom and Matt are exceptional coaches, they remember your progress and always push you to do what you’re capable of achieving. Tom has created a great community from the outset, it’s the friendliest environment which you dont often find in gyms! would recommend sweat it to anyone looking for hard work and a bit of fun ?

Hannah Woodcock

Aug 24, 2019

sweat it is the best, I actually enjoy going to a gym. There all so welcoming and the coaches are really lovely! no mirrors so I don’t have to stare at myself when I’m working out. Matt & Tom are always there for help and guidance and support, top blokes.Helped me achieve different techniques. ? I love it

Anna Purnell

Aug 23, 2019

Tom and Matt are fab guys, always there to motivate you but have a laugh at the same time as well as being really knowledgable. Amazing members to train with as well. Highly recommend and wouldn’t be without my regular sessions now ?

Jen Gauld

Aug 23, 2019

Started back at a gym after 2 years and was recommended this gym from a friend. Great staff who talk you through the things that need to be done great website Not a pure gym just a great friendly gym who offer 121 and small group sessions

Charles William Harris

Jun 4, 2019