Benefits of Bodyweight Training

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Benefits of Bodyweight Training

Sometimes we get the best outcomes going back to basics.

Although we may not be involving the same amount of intensity to exercise as we would do by using weights in the gym, there are still plenty of reasons to include these in your routines.

#1 Fine-tuning technique
Including stability and balance. Not every workout has to end with you as a blithering wreck. Taking time to include holds and bilateral movements will develop transferable strength and skill to everyday life and advance progression in the gym.

#2 Great option for high intensity training
No need to rack your brain for specific moves or spend a small fortune on an abundance of gear. You can have a successful workout involving all the key ingredients: compound movements (involving multiple muscle groups at more than one joint), pulse raisers and plenty of fun.

#3 Power training
Plyometric training is beneficial to train the body to absorb impact, strengthen tendons as well as muscles. It increases the muscles’ ability to be explosive by contracting and producing force more quickly.

#4 Can increase flexibility
Putting your body through full range of motion in various exercises will better your body’s durability to move better and more efficiently.

#5 Time efficient
Fit in a workout in your busy schedule. Exercise increases endorphins, which leads to better focus, feeling more relaxed and all that other good stuff. No need to head out or schedule hours for that extra buzz.

#6 Getting outdoors
Gets you outside, either for some alone time or find a friend to pair up with. The fresh air will do you good, as well as creating that bit of headspace.

#7 Reduce risk of injury
Moving more often and reaping all the benefits listed above will reinforce your body’s robustness against niggles and injury.

…. Everyone’s favourite.

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