Dry January Anyone?

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Dry January Anyone?

Dry January anyone??

The big thing for many may be to cut out all booze for January completely. This may be a much-deserved rest after a month-long session in December, with ongoing parties and social events.

But, is this a good approach?

For some, it may well be and if you’re a keen drinker the results could be impressive.

Remember alcohol will be stored as fat if this with your food intake totals in an energy surplus.

So eliminating this and watching your food intake, ideally tracking will see you creating that much-desired deficit and possible fat losses.

What to be careful of though? Well, a couple a week will certainly not hurt and moderation of anything will not ruin a diet. Eliminating it completely could result in even bigger consumption when it returns resulting in fat gain to higher levels of the losses throughout the month.

Having the self-control throughout the year to enjoy everything while watching calories will see greater results long-term and avoid any boring January nights out.

If you enjoy a drink then enjoy it but allow for this in your weekly calorie totals. 1 or 2 a week is workable just avoid a regular binge!!


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