Slow and Steady for the WIN!

WELCOME… to the least sexy post you’re ever likely to read!!!


IN THIS POST- I really want to talk about the ‘Quick Fix’ mentality, and sustainability.


There are SO MANY diets out there!! I regularly speak to ladies from all over the world that are on their 8th, 9th 10th+ program, and to no avail… Why is that?

Surely something should have worked by this point?


When we delve a little deeper into their history, what they have tried before, the answers begin to fly through the air thick and fast…


Every. Single. One.


…Was a quick fix.


They wanted INSTANT results in a short space of time. ‘6 week 6pack’ ‘Fat blaster’, Pills, Potions, meal replacement kits, fat burners, you name it, I’ve heard it.


Everyone has the same theme, reliance on something that is completely unsustainable long term.


Don’t get me wrong many have some short term effects, usually dramatic weight loss, and even those are short lived. How many people have you heard of losing huge amounts of weight then before long putting it all back on again?


There are so few people out there aiming for patience.


A slow and steady approach, that you can enjoy, have plenty of energy, and not even feel like you’re trying 🙂


The way I see it is as follows>>>>


In 10 years time can you see yourself following the same intakes as today?


If no, then you are likely in a quick fix type strategy.


If yes- you win 😀 😀 😀


Here are some great principles to follow from here:


-Small calorie deficit (-500cals per day for example) for weight loss, followed consistently. This will allow your body the energy to train, recover, and also be given a larger ‘food budget’ to work with in order to take on board all the vitamins and minerals your body needs, as well as all the macronutrients you require!  🙂


-Patient approach to your goals. There is no rush, you’re here to change your life, not your month 🙂

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