The Weight Loss Rollercoaster

Weight is an aspect of your results, not the total result.


Of course it’s nice to see the dial/numbers getting lower and lower each week, but let’s take a moment to hone in on what it is that you really want.


If I said to you – ‘You won’t lose ANY weight, but you’ll drop 2x jean sizes’… would you be happy?


Of course you would.


Therefore don’t get solely fixated on the numbers on the little metal box.


Although in most cases weight loss is important, I just want to highlight that it’s not the gold standard factor along your transformation.


Weighing yourself weekly (No more than weekly as it’s pointless!!) or every couple of weeks can be a great way to monitor results, as long as you LEARN what to do with this information.


If you put on 1lb this week, this would usually = 🙁 sadness, unhappiness, dread, loss of motivation, and potentially binge eating and downward spirals to follow.


It’s important that your relationship with the result, and more importantly your UNDERSTANDING of this result it of a healthy level.


Let me tell you why sadness is not the reaction you need to have if you don’t see a reduction on the scales any particular week…


There are MANY reasons why your body can fluctuate in weight day to day, and week to week.

  1. Fluctuations in fibre intakes can prolong the time it takes for food to move through the digestive system. It also retains fluid in the large intestine. This will increase your WEIGHT, not fat.
  2. Peaks in Carbohydrate intakes can help replenish glycogen stores in the muscle tissue and liver. Each molecule requires water molecules to bind to it and store it. Storing glycogen increases WEIGHT. As does the H2O that sits alongside it.
  3. If you weigh yourself in a dehydrated state, then again in a hydrated state, you will WEIGHT more. More fluid = more weight.
  4. If you have particularly salty intakes over a short space of time, you will retain more fluid. Again adding to weight.


There are many more areas, these are only a few about how your WEIGHT can fluctuate, having ZERO to do with fat.


Recently a former client of mine turned pro in boxing.


He is a PRIME example of how we can use nutrition to lose weight, but have no effect what so ever on muscle or fat mass.


In order to ‘make weight’ but retain as much muscle mass as possible (To basically punch the other guy in the head harder than he’s getting hit haha) I helped him lose weight in other areas.


I restricted his fluid intake on the weigh-in day, gave him mild diuretics in the form of dandelion root extract and vitamin C, placed him on a ‘Low residue Diet’ on the days leading up to the weigh-in (losing weight through having no food bulking out the digestive system) and also assisted him with fat loss for 13 weeks leading up to the day.


Callum lost a CRAZY amount of weight in one day. But ZERO fat on that day.


Over the 13 weeks he lost the exact amount of body fat we needed.


One, or many of these factors could happen to you, any week without notice.


SO- What do you do with the information you get from the scales every week?


Note it down, and use the AVERAGE over ideally 4 or more weeks to assess your results.


Here’s what usually happens emotionally on a week-by-week basis when on a weight loss journey:


Week 1: Ok let’s GO! Super pumped right now…

Week 2: Stayed the same weight??  WHAT?! After all the effort I’ve put in? Jesus that’s upsetting…

Week 3: YES!! So happy right now!! RESULTS!!! 3lb loss happy days…

Week 4: 2lb loss, ok that’s great news! If I keep this up I’ll be seriously happy…

Week 5: WHAT!? 1lb ON??! Livid right now. Not happy. Not one bit.

Week 6: Oh well that’s just my bloody luck. Not shifted at all. I feel a downward spiral coming on….

Week 7: YESSSSSSSSS 3lb loss!!! Was getting worried there…

This absolute emotional ROLLERCOASTER sound familiar??


It doesn’t have to be this way…


You could also take a look at these exact same results and think:


I’ve actually lost over 1lb a week on average over this period.  Well chuffed with that!


Simple as that!


You can look at the EXACT same results and have a rollercoaster to deal with, or take a step back, and deal with it as an average over a period of 2+ weeks, and ignore all the irrelevant fluctuations.


Use the scales as an Average, and also use other measurements, progress photos, dress/clothing sizes, and fitness markers to gauge your progress alongside too.


Let’s avoid those downward spirals. You may be upset with a result, and in reality you’re just super hydrated!!!


Hope this post helps you today!



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