Why the 30-day trial?

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Why the 30-day trial?

Training Sessions Crowborough

30-Days to see what we’re all about….

Test us and yourself with our 30-Day Trial. We start everyone this way because it gives us the opportunity to show you what we’re all about. While you get the chance to meet your coaches, meet your TEAMates, see if it all works for you and if you enjoy it like we believe you will.

We believe we’re great but we like to let you make that judgement before we ask for any commitment from you.

So within your first 30-day we give you full access to everything that we do.
 10 Personal training sessions
 Unlimited classes
 Body comp scans
 Check-in’s with coaching team
 Food diary review + advice
 Support throughout

How could your first 30-days look?


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